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I am working in Rails 3.2.11 and I cannot figure out why this button will not render per the API documentation. Specifically, I cannot get the data-remote attribute to render correctly. Is there a bug in my code?

Right now this code:

<%= button_to "Test", :action => "test", :remote => true, :form_class => "test_button" %>

yields this HTML:

<form action="/cloud_status/test?form_class=test_button&remote=true" class="button_to" method="post">

Per the API specs it should render this:

<form action="/cloud_status/test" class="test_button" remote="true" method="post">

What am I missing?

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I believe the documentation is actually incorrect here in some of the examples. The way to get the output you are looking for is:

<%= button_to "Test", { :action => "test" }, { :remote => true, :form_class => "test_button" } %>

The :remote and :form_class should be part of the html_options hash, which is the third parameter of the button_to method.

The second parameter can either be a String or Hash. When it's a String it's treated as a URL and when it's Hash it is passed to url_for to build the appropriate URL.

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+1, it's not always clear which hash options belong in (or that there is even the possibility of there being two hashes because of Ruby's implicit hash sugar). –  Dave Newton Feb 6 '13 at 17:59
FYI: I've delivered a change to docrails to hopefully resolve this confusion: github.com/lifo/docrails/commit/… –  Marc Baumbach Feb 6 '13 at 18:29

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