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Is there a load testing framework that I could use where I can supply my own Java class and test the performance of that class. So basically the framework would essentially spawn threads and record when those threads finished running and then generate a report with the final results.

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Apache JMeter is exactly the project you want. You can point it at a running process or have it spin up multiple threads each starting a process. It will monitor the throughput, error rate and anything else you are interested in and render it all in a set of charts.

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Take a look into Metrics (http://metrics.codahale.com/). You can use it to instrument your app, and get interesting reports after a test suite run or even published to a metrics server.

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You could try JUnit or TestNG. I have used them in the past. Not sure if it exactly what you are looking for.

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JUnit and TestNG is not load testing framewok. –  khanmizan Mar 12 at 3:53

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