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Implementing an application that looks up a table for mail id presence from a list of around 10 email ids. Tried using $or and $in.

$in seems to give better performance but not significant. Is one more optimized than other?

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Well for starters an $in only take one index, that is significant due to the reason why an $or takes more (one per clause). An $or is like getting the result for each clause and then merging duplicates and returning a result. So that is one major point to consider here, whereas $in is a range identifier. By laws of computer science I would say that if you can use $in it would be more optimised than $or –  Sammaye Feb 6 '13 at 21:31

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MongoDB docs have the answer:

"When using $or with <expressions> that are equality checks for the value of the same field, choose the $in operator over the $or operator."

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"While "$or"will always work, use "$in"whenever possible as the query optimizer handles it more efficiently."

Moreover "$in" has more readability.

Ref: MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

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