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What I did was to have two branches:

  • local
  • production

In my local branch I have all my asset folders css, js, and img. And in my production branch I added them to my .gitignore since I want to host those assets elsewhere.


so these folders aren't visible in the production branch anymore. Is there anyway to restore the img folder in the production branch? I tried removing img/ from my .gitignore and committing but it won't list on my untracked files.

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After removing img/ from your .gitignore, you can git checkout local -- img to check out the files from the local branch (assuming you are on the production branch). They should automatically be staged (otherwise just stage them yourself), and commit them to your production branch.

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thanks so much, I appreciate your help. – Michelle Feb 6 '13 at 19:36

Take a look at this: Not ignore a file in a sub directory?

It should work for the folder as well

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