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I'm trying to use applescript to run a command line process. A simplified version of the Applescript looks like this

do shell script "echo bwfmetaedit --INAM=\"name\" --IART=\"artist\" --ICRD=\"date\" /desktop/filepath.wav"

with the expected result being

bwfmetaedit --INAM="name" --IART="artist" --ICRD="date" /desktop/filepath.wav

If I were to just to run that command in Terminal, I get the correct output. However with applescript I get the following result. Note the missing double quotes around the values.

"bwfmetaedit --INAM=name --IART=artist --ICRD=date /desktop/filepath.wav"

What am I missing here? I need the double quotes around the values or else the command wont run properly.

Thanks, Morgan

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do shell script "echo bwfmetaedit --INAM=\\\"name\\\" --IART=\\\"artist\\\" --ICRD=\\\"date\\\" /desktop/filepath.wav"
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The quotes are being passed properly, it’s just that the shell doesn’t echo them because they are part of the shell syntax.

If you try this AppleScript that prints each argument on its own line:

do shell script "sh -c 'for F in \"${@}\"; do echo \"${F}\"; done' \"${0}\" echo bwfmetaedit --INAM=\"name with spaces\" --IART=\"artist with spaces\" --ICRD=\"date with spaces\" /desktop/filepath.wav"

Then you will see that the output is:

--INAM=name with spaces
--IART=artist with spaces
--ICRD=date with spaces

Each argument passed to echo is parsed properly as if it were quoted. The quotation marks are at the beginning and end because it is an AppleScript string with embedded newlines.

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