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I have been looking at using typescript with mongoose for MongoDB. Mostly it has been working great, but with certain types of quesites I get warnings from the typescript compiler.

If I do an or like so:

{"$or": [{done: {"$exists": false}}, {done:false}]} 

I get the following warning:

Incompatible types in array literal expression: Types of property 'done' of types '{ done: { $exists: bool; }; }' and '{ done: bool; }' are incompatible.

I understand why, but is there a way to express this so the compiler will accept it?

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You can type-assert any of the elements to any to "turn off" type checking:

[<any>{done: {"$exists": false}}, {done:false}]

Or, if you're initializing a variable, you can do something like this:

var n: any[] = [{done: {"$exists": false}}, {done:false}]
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Ok, thats the trick. Thanks for the help :) –  Christian Nielsen Feb 6 '13 at 20:10

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