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I have a php/mysqli code below where it does not display any of the echos in the while loop fetch() statement. Now the query has been tested in SQL and the query outputs a result which is one row, but why can't it output the result on to the screen in the echos?

Below I will show the constructed code and the view page source code:

code constructed:

    if ((isset($studentusername)) && (isset($studentid))){ 



                <div class="topcorner"><a id="studentmenulink" href="studentmenu.php">Back to Menu</a></div>



        $session = isset($_POST['session']) ? $_POST['session'] : '';

        $sessionquery = "
        SELECT s.SessionId, SessionName, SessionDuration, SessionDate, SessionTime, TotalMarks, SessionWeight, 
        PenaltyEnabled, s.ModuleId, ModuleNo, ModuleName, st.StudentId, StudentAlias, StudentForename, StudentSurname
        FROM Penalty p
        INNER JOIN Session s ON p.SessionId = s.SessionId
        INNER JOIN Module m ON s.ModuleId = m.ModuleId
        LEFT JOIN Student_Session ss ON s.SessionId = ss.SessionId
        INNER JOIN Student st ON ss.StudentId = st.StudentId
        (s.SessionId = ? AND st.StudentId = ?)

        // You only need to call bind_param once
        $sessionqrystmt->bind_param("ii",$session, $studentid);
        // get result and assign variables (prefix with db)


        $sessionqrystmt->bind_result($dbSessionId,$dbSessionName, $dbSessionDuration, $dbSessionDate, $dbSessionTime, $dbTotalMarks, $dbSessionWeight, 
        $dbPenaltyEnabled, $dbModuleId, $dbModuleNo, $dbModuleName, $dbStudentId, $dbStudentAlias, $dbStudentForename, $dbStudentSurname);

        $sessionqrynum = $sessionqrystmt->num_rows();    
        <form action='results.php' method='post' id='exam'>

         while ($sessionqrystmt->fetch()) {
        echo "<p><input type='text' id='studentId' name='studentId' value='$dbStudentId' /></p>";
        echo "<p>Student: " . $dbStudentAlias . " - " . $dbStudentForename . " " . $dbStudentSurname . "<br/>";
        echo "Module: " . $dbModuleNo . " - " . $dbModuleName . "<input type='text' id='moduleId' name='moduleId' value='$dbModuleId' /><br/>";
        echo "Assessment: " . $dbSessionName . " - " . date('d-m-Y',strtotime($dbSessionDate)) . " - " . date('H:i',strtotime($dbSessionTime)) . "<input type='text' id='sessionId' name='sessionId' value='$dbSessionId' /></p>";
        echo "<p><span id='countdown'>" . $dbSessionDuration . "</span></p>";

        echo $sessionquery;

echo "Please Login to Access this Page | <a href='./studentlogin.php'>Login</a>";


In view page source:


   Logged In: <b>Joe Fitzpatrick</b> | <a id='studentlogout' href='./studentlogout.php'>Logout</a>      
        <div class="topcorner"><a id="studentmenulink" href="studentmenu.php">Back to Menu</a></div>

        <noscript style='color: red'><img src="Images/warning-2.fw.png" alt="Javascript Warning" id="warningImage" name="warningSymbol"/> In order to use this application without any problems, you must have javascript enabled</noscript>

        <form action='results.php' method='post' id='exam'>


You can see that nothing is outputted inside the form tags in the view page source, this is where the echos are suppose to be in.

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If are getting no errors I would assume you are not getting a result. Debug and ensure the SQL is returning a result, you did good by testing it directly in SQL tool/cli too, now need to test from your code. –  ficuscr Feb 6 '13 at 20:22
@ficuscr Thanks, you gave me the idea to echo $session and studentid and the issue was $session. It wasn't recognising it from drop down menu, what I did instead was on previous page get the value from the drop down menu stored in a hidden input in its own name attribute and changed the $session variable to match that name's attribute and it works fine. Thanks :) –  user1914374 Feb 6 '13 at 20:30
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