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Question 1: I'm trying to optimize my searchers in my solrconfig.xml, and there are two different searchers that can get warmed. My understanding is that firstSearcher only fires on server startup. A newSearcher is created whenever you need a new searcher. It seems to me that we would want the same fqs and facets to be specified in each. When is a case when you would want them to differ?

Question 2: Is there any way I can determine the effect on searcher startup time of adding a fq or facet? I know that I can brute force measure the startup times of a searcher with fqs/facets vs. one without, but that's not very granular. Assuming there's cost/benefit to way for an individual fq/facet, I'd like to be able to measure that so I can decide which things are worth warming and which are not.

Question 3: How can I effectively size my filterCache? I have a specific set of fqs that I know are likely to be hit, about 500 of them, so it seems like I would set it to 500. However, Solr seems to use the filterCache for query results that have to be faceted. Since 90% of my queries are faceted, it seems like we'd have to use the number of queries expected as the basis of the cache size. Does that sound right?

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