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I am trying to fix a fb login error. This code was setup before I started working on the site. Apparently it used to work. I have looked at the fb documentation and the code looks correct. Here is the call:

$token_url = '' . $site->facebook_app_id . '&redirect_uri=' . urlencode('http://' . $site->domain . '/facebook.php?oauth_callback') . '&client_secret=' . $site->facebook_app_secret . '&code=' . get('code');

$token =  file_get_contents($token_url);

The response is:

failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request ' in .../facebook.php on line 21

The output of echo $token_url is: ####&code=AQClZMJ1NUYIwwXUABCw3g8hVhRFavrmQfCr5b-dS6PkVqA40WNfBhQTWHe7V7-q7HUDk2OTS50KGUHEa3TMYADWgkYp688rlSnGNyeetkFYWBuFrWOdeo_wBjdErBQ7n1iNHzetqMvlMtW9KK9TEmnIxmwXEdPl-T3CkRNbGp4g2oCSvXI_ozRo6LWDJMqg6nLq54ibag7k8muhjGZ97CYs

I have looked at a lot of posts about this issue, though none have helped me resolve my issues.

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Found the solution to this here: Facebook Access Tokens - Server-Side Authentication

Ended up using the FB PHP SDK

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