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My question is similar but not the same as this one.

Here is my fiddle

I'm working with a public resource. I don't think it is jsonp. (the flag they use is pjson which i think, to them , means pretty json). If i have the method as JSONP it will call out and return but then i get an invalid label error. If i have the method set as GET i get the OPTIONS error in firebug (which i typically associate with cross-domain violations).

Oddly, my app calls out to other external resources without issue - so i'm not sure how it is getting that done and can't do this. Am I SOL if i have no control over this outside resource?

 $scope.serviceDesc = layerRes.get();
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It looks like you can make JSONP calls to this service you're using by specifying a callback=JSON_CALLBACK in the url parameters when using the $http service, or in your case the $resource service

Have a look at this example that I've written up:

  .success(function(data) {
    console.log('The data from their server:');
    $scope.worldPhysicalMap = data;

Converting this to use $resource shouldn't be much different.

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so that's what that does! Thank you kindly sir. greatly appreciate the help. – VBAHole Feb 7 '13 at 5:58

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