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I'm currently learning how to program the Cell processor on the PS3 (via the Linux Cell SDK) - including the basics of SIMD, multithreading SPE etc. I hope to create a simple 3D demo app out of all this. My question is, would this be helpful in getting a job in the games industry as a PS3 programmer ? I already have several years of experience programming in C,C++,C sharp - but not in the games industry. How easy is it to get into the industry for those who have no prior experience but are willing to put the effort in to learn the skills required ? I'd very much like to hear from existing games programmers.


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Yes - prior experience is always a useful thing to have, even if it is "just demo coding".

Demonstrating a keen interest in programming on the PS3 (by doing it in your spare time) won't harm your application either.

However, a good/experienced programmer won't "have" to have prior experience to get their foot in the door. If you can demonstrate that you're a good programmer youll have no problem getting a job in the games industry.

(Just try to pick a company that will still be there next month... :-)

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And one that won't work you like a dog for six months, then lay you off when the project is done. –  Michael Todd Sep 24 '09 at 21:40

Having "homebrew" PS3 development experience will give you a little extra credit,

but there are easier ways to give you a lot of extra credit.

  1. Finish a game. (Something smalish, e.g. TicTacToe)
  2. Finish another game. (A little bigger, e.g. Tetris, just don't use that name ;) )
  3. Repeat 2 (even bigger)
  4. Repeat 2
  5. I think you get it.

If you apply for a job with 5 finished games (even if they are "just clones") you have pretty good chances to get the job.

(And finishing a game like Minesweeper shouldn't take more than a weekend once you get the hang of it.)

Knowing a specific platform might help you a little, but a good developer is expected to RTFM and apply what he learned.

"Homebrew" won't actually help you a lot when you work with Sonys SDK.

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Is #5 supposed to be 'I think you get it.'? –  BigBeagle Dec 1 '09 at 15:04
Thanks for the catch... –  Andreas Dec 1 '09 at 15:27