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I need to setup monitoring of a log files using solarwinds, before i can do this i need to read the contents of the log file into Solarwinds. The log files are saved in "c:\logs" but the logfile name changes everyday - it appends the current date to the end of the logfile name for example logfile20130602.log. Can you please help i need to be able to read these logs files using powershell.

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You can access the .NET DateTime object and format your date accordingly. This gives you the filename of the current log:

> 'C:\logs\log' + [System.DateTime]::Now.ToString('yyyyMMdd') + '.log'

And you can get the contents using Get-Content

Get-Content ('C:\logs\log' + [System.DateTime]::Now.ToString('yyyyMMdd') + '.log')


Just noticed that you would want to use yyyyddMM as the date format instead, not the sane one ;P

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Thank you, thats perfect - extactly what i needed –  Sayful Ahmed Feb 6 '13 at 22:50

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