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I want to solve this probability density function f(v)=Av^2e^(-v^2(m/2KT)) integrate it and make it equal to 1 and solve it for A. In Maple:

what i have tried is:

> restart;
> pdf := v-> Av^2*exp(-(1/2)*mv^2/KT);
> assume(m > 0, K > 0, T > 0);
> g := solve(int(pdf(v), v = 0 .. infinity) = 1, A);

but what i get as an answer is just g:=

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symbolically? or given some values for KT etc... – bla Feb 6 '13 at 22:04
symolically, i assume that K,T and m are positive – Jack F Feb 6 '13 at 22:08
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Aren't you just missing multiplication symbols between A and v^2, between m and v^2, and between K and T?


pdf := v-> A*v^2*exp(-(1/2)*m*v^2/K*T):

assume(m > 0, K > 0, T > 0);

g := solve(int(pdf(v), v = 0 .. infinity) = 1, A);

                   /m T\       (1/2)
                   |---|      2     
                   \ K /            

Perhaps you are using Maple's 2D Math input mode and thought that you were getting multiplication of those names implicitly, but are missing the space between names to denote that.

I couldn't tell whether you wanted brackets around K*T.

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wow thanks a lot, i didn't know you have to put * sings – Jack F Feb 7 '13 at 6:15

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