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I am very confused on how to get this work, did a lot of research online to help find a solution to this, but got nothing. Found this link here: http://viralpatel.net/blogs/jquery-get-text-element-without-child-element/ but still didnt help much

This is what I am trying to accomplish, the system is outputting text like this, I have no control over the html.

<div class="myclass"> 
Text 1 
Text 2
Text 3        

but would like to use jquery to insert html around those text For example:

<div class="myclass"> 
 <span>Text 1 </span> 
 <span> Text 2 </span> 
 <span> Text 3</span>

any help is appreciated

thank you very much

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$('.myclass').html(function(i, v){
    return '<span>' + $.trim(v).split('\n').join('</span><span>') + '</span>';


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thank you very much!!!! it is working great! –  Kevin Feb 6 '13 at 22:38

There are other ways. This would satisfy the question.



  $.each(stuff, function(i,o){
    if (o!=''){
      newhtml +='<span>' + o + '</span>'."\n";

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This should sort it:

var theDivs = document.getElementsByClassName('myclass');

for(var i in theDivs)
        var div = theDivs[i];
        var text = div.innerHTML.split("\n");
        for(var k in text)
            var trimmed = text[k].replace(/^\s+|\s+$/,'');
            if(trimmed != '') text[k] = '<span>'+trimmed+'</span>';
            else text[k] = trimmed;
        div.innerHTML = text.join("\n");
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