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I am trying to provide a copy of the test result recorded using MTM 2010 to client, do you know where to grab the result?


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When you say "Test Result", what part of MTM are you referring to? There are quite a few ways to view results, can you show a screen shot of the data you want to export? – DaveShaw Feb 6 '13 at 22:58
Test result refers to the video recorded during test execution. in MTM, result is recorded in run test component. I would like to export the video instead of viewing it. Thank you – ayuicyi Feb 6 '13 at 23:12

The test run and its attachments are stored on the TFS server and available via the TFS SDK. See the TestManagementService apis where ITestRun.Attachments would contain all test run associated attachments

var testsvc = tfs.GetService<TestManagementService>()
IEnumerable<ITestRun> testRun = testsvc.GetTeamProject("myteamprojectname").TestRuns; // you can use the query/find 
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I follow either of below mentioned two ways to analyze my test runs :

  1. Run following command from "Run": start mtm://[tfsserver:portnumber/tfs/collectionname]/p:[teamproject]/testing/testrun/open?id=

  2. downloading results file (.trx) to my local system: tcm run /export /id:id /resultsfile:[my_local_path] /collection:CollectionURL /teamproject:project [/login:username,[password]] [/attachment:attachmentname]

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