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related: Classes within Coffeescript 'Namespace'

OK so after reading that post I grabbed the namespace function and put it in its own file.

namespace = (target, name, block) ->
  [target, name, block] = [(if typeof exports isnt 'undefined' then exports else window), arguments...] if arguments.length < 3
  top    = target
  target = target[item] or= {} for item in name.split '.'
  block target, top
  console.log "created namespace "+ name

root = exports ? window
root.namespace = namespace

and then in Repl:

>  namespace = require('./assets/js/namespace.js').namespace

If I toString() it it's correct.

OK, so now I want to use it: (from Sandro's answer)

namespace = require('./namespace.js').namespace

class MyFirstClass
  myFunc: () ->
    console.log 'works'

class MySecondClass
  constructor: (@options = {}) ->
  myFunc: () ->
    console.log 'works too'
    console.log @options

namespace "Project.Something", (exports) ->
  exports.MyFirstClass = MyFirstClass
  exports.MySecondClass = MySecondClass
  console.log 'done with exports'

Then I run it in Repl:

ns = require('./assets/js/ns.js') # compiled
done with exports
created namespace Project.Something

It doesn't appear to be working:

> ns.MyFirstClass                                              
> ns.MySecondClass                                             
> ns.Project.Something.MySecondClass                           
TypeError: Cannot read property 'Something' of undefined      

Am I doing something wrong here?

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The exports variable is the module.exports for the file you reference it from. So when you call namespace, it changes exports that was returned from requireing namespace, not the one that will be returned from requireing ns.

Notice how namespace takes 3 arguments, but the first line in it essentially makes target optional. If you pass in the target (you probably want exports, or maybe exports ? window if this needs to run in both server and client), then it should do what you want.

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It seems like if that was the case then I wouldn't see the console log messages from the namespace file, but I do: "created namespace Project.Something" – jcollum Feb 7 '13 at 0:47
@jcollum Why not? The arguments to namespace get passed through just fine. – Aaron Dufour Feb 7 '13 at 3:13
Sure, that code is running, but it's clearly not creating the namespace or I'm calling it incorrectly. – jcollum Feb 7 '13 at 21:04
@jcollum See my edit, which should allow you to call it with the current file structure. – Aaron Dufour Feb 7 '13 at 22:03

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