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I am trying to follow a jsfiddle example to create a time in javascript:


Now obviously the timer in the jsfiddle works fine. But the issue I have is that the time which the timer starts from comes for a mysqli/php variable where it retrieves the time from the db.

So except for:

<span id="countdown">01:30:10</span>

I have to have it as:

echo "<p><span id='countdown'>" . $dbSessionDuration . "</span></p>";


except for:

var time = "01:30:10",

I have to have it as:

var time = <?php echo json_encode($dbSessionDuration); ?>,

Now I am getting no errors but what is happening is that the timer is not doing a count down. My question is why is it not counting down? An example of the time from the variable could be 01:00:00.

Below is the code for the function:

echo "<p><span id='countdown'>" . $dbSessionDuration . "</span></p>";


         <script type="text/javascript">

  $(document).ready(function() {
    var time = <?php echo json_encode($dbSessionDuration); ?>,
      parts = time.split(':'),
      hours = +parts[0],
      minutes = +parts[1],
      seconds = +parts[2],
      span = $('#countdown');

    function correctNum(num) {
      return (num<10)? ("0"+num):num;

    var timer = setInterval(function(){
        if(seconds == -1) {
            seconds = 59;

            if(minutes == -1) {
                minutes = 59;

                if(hours==-1) {
                  alert("timer finished");
        span.text(correctNum(hours) + ":" + correctNum(minutes) + ":" + correctNum(seconds));
    }, 1000);

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Change this:



to this:

})();            //  ←  note the extra parentheses


so that you actually call your anonymous function. (Alternatively, you can simply remove its (function(){ and }); entirely. There's no reason for this code to be in a function at all.)

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I don't know if this was a mistype but I was able to run this code by adding $, $(function(){, at the first part of your anonymous function. I'm assuming your value from the db comes in as hours:mins:secs. I'm not sure why Fiddler ran but I had to add that to get it to work in my environment.

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Though Ruakh is correct. The code will be executed when the page has loaded if you remove the anonymous function call. –  Jarealist Feb 7 '13 at 0:33

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