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I have a Spring MVC controller which is servicing GET requests, to perform a search.

These requests have many optional parameters which may be passed on the query string.

For example:

public class SimpleSearchRequest implements SearchRequest {

    private String term;
    private List<Status> stati;
    private Range<DateTime> dateRange;  

If I were using a POST or PUT for this, I could nicely marshall the inbound request using a @RequestBody. However, because I'm using a GET, this doesn't seem to fit.

Instead, it seems I'm required to list all the possible parameters on the method signature as @RequestParam(required=false).

Aside from leading to ugly method signatures, I'm also losing out on all sorts of OO goodness by not using classes here.

Attempting to use @RequestBody fails (understandably so), and as discussed here and here, using an actual request body on a GET is not desirable.

Is there a way to get Spring MVC to support marshalling multiple @RequestParam's to a strongly typed object on GET requests?

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It seems the answer was to simply remove the annotation.

This worked:

public @ResponseBody List<Result> search(SearchRequest request) {}
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