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I am trying to create hibernate criteria using a list of natural ids. I saw the example here http://docs.jboss.org/hibernate/core/3.5/reference/en-US/html/querycriteria.html#query-criteria-naturalid but it only shows an example for querying a single record:

    .set("name", "gavin")
    .set("org", "hb"));

Is there a better way to make a criteria for a list of natural ids than the example below?

Junction junction = Restrictions.disjunction()
    .set("name", "gavin")
    .set("org", "hb"))
    .set("name", "jdoe")
    .set("org", "rh"));         


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In my experience, no. The reason is due to the limitations of SQL in some implementations. When you try to phrase this in SQL it gets tricky...

Pseudo SQL that isn't cross DB supported...

select * from table where (name, org) in values ( ('gavin', 'hb'), ('jdoe', 'hr'))

What Hibernate ends up writing is the common cross DB way of...

select * from table where (name = 'gavin' and org = 'hr') OR (name = 'jdoe' and org = 'hr')

I have upvoted this question and added to my favorites to track in hopes that I am wrong and there is a better way. I know in DB2 for zOS this oddity also causes the optimizer to make poor choices.

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Thanks for the explanation :) –  maximilianus Feb 12 '13 at 3:32

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