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What is the difference between ISO_Level3_Shift and ISO_Level3_Latch, in, for example, the level3 config file, found (in archlinux, and many other distros, I'm sure) at /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols.

For example, I added this entry to a custom keyboard I'm working on (for logicians, don't worry about it, ⊥ → awesome).

// make right control do level3 shift stuff
default partial modifier_keys
 xkb_symbols "rctrl_switch" {
  key <RCTL> {
    symbols[Group1] = [ ISO_Level3_Shift ]
  include "level3(modifier_mapping)"

It works as expected (holding down right control gives me access to level 3 symbols,e.g., mostly unicode code points I have for a us-intl layout variant), but I'm wondering why some of the entries use ISO_Level3_Latch, and what that even means.

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