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I am trying to get the parent key from a certain entity. I have 2 classes, Album and Photo. Album is a parent to photo, so when I upload a photo I assign the key of that certain album it belongs to as a parent to the photo.

album = db.get(self.album_key)
photo = Photo(parent=album)

Problem arises when I try to query for the parent id from photo. The below code just gives me an output of "parent key: <"

photo = db.get(photo_key)
photoparent =  photo.parent

self.response.out.write("parent key: %s" %photoparent)

How can I properly pull the parent key from a Photo instance?


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parent is a method call, not a property.

So you code should read

photoparent = photo.parent()

See docs https://developers.google.com/appengine/docs/python/datastore/modelclass#Model_parent

Also when the key is output in

self.response.out.write("parent key: %s" %photoparent)

The keys str method outputs a representation of the object with <>'s So you may want to do something with the parent to make it's html output more sane ;-)



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Thanks Tim, I was able to get the parent key through "photo.parent().key()" I wasn't able to use photo.parent_key() though, didn't seem to work. –  Freddy Feb 11 '13 at 23:41

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