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the question is related to following thread: Access COM vtable from C#

what i have to do is calling a method from a com object trough a method pointer from c#

i know a method pointer is not necessary but in this special case it is.

why i need the method pointer?

i want accessing the SetPlaceholderText method from Word.Content Control via latebinding. all latebind features in .NET->COM use the Invoke method from the IDispatch interface, implemented from the com object. the Invoke method in the Word.ContentControl class has a bug! it works early bind beacuse the interop runtime avoid Invoke and use method pointers. (thats what i want also to handle the problem). its impossible to use the method with vb latebinding, c# dynamics or GetType().Invoke...

i use the code from the linked posting as template:

public delegate void SetPlaceHolderTextCallback(
      [MarshalAs(28)] [In] object BuildingBlock = null,
      [MarshalAs(28)] [In] object Range = null, 
      [MarshalAs(19)] [In] string Text = "");

object contentControl = GetContentControlProx();
IntPtr comPtr = Marshal.GetComInterfaceForObject(contentControl,
IntPtr vTable = Marshal.ReadIntPtr(comPtr); 

int start = Marshal.GetStartComSlot(typeof(ContentControl));
int end = Marshal.GetEndComSlot(typeof(ContentControl));

SetPlaceHolderTextCallback invoker = null;
ComMemberType mType = MemberTypes.Method;
for (int i = start; i < end; i++)
   System.Reflection.MemberInfo mi = 
   Marshal.GetMethodInfoForComSlot(typeof(ContentControl), i, ref mType);
   if (mi.Name == "SetPlaceholderText")
      IntPtr methodPointer = Marshal.ReadIntPtr(vTable, i * 
      invoker = Marshal.GetDelegateForFunctionPointer(methodPointer,
      typeof(SetPlaceHolderTextCallback)) as SetPlaceHolderTextCallback;

invoker(Type.Missing, Type.Missing, "helloWorld");

The invoke fails with an AccessViolationException. i have no idea at the moment....

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update: i found an interessted german link: the blog entry told me, the first parameter in the delegate must be an adress pointer to the class instance. i'm confused :o – Sebastian Feb 7 '13 at 5:43

seems like my problem is resolved. the blog entry from jochen manns give me the answer. the first parameter must be an IntPtr to the class intance.

<!-- language: lang-cs -->
    IntPtr adressPointer = Marshal.GetComInterfaceForObject(control, 
    invoker(adressPointer, null, null, "helloWorld");
<!-- language: lang-cs -->

works !!!

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