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I have my pojo classes


public class Master extends RecordSet{

private String empcode;
private String empname;
private String dept;

public String getEmpcode() {
    return empcode;
public void setEmpcode(String empcode) {
    this.empcode = empcode;
public String getEmpname() {
    return empname;
public void setEmpname(String empname) {
    this.empname = empname;
public String getDept() {
    return dept;
public void setDept(String dept) {
    this.dept = dept;


public class DateRange extends RecordSet {
    private String  ddate;

    public String getDdate() {
        return ddate;

    public void setDdate(String ddate) {
        this.ddate = ddate;


public class RecordSet {
    private DateRange daterange;
    private Master master;  

public DateRange getDaterange() {
        return daterange;
    public void setDaterange(DateRange daterange) {
        this.daterange = daterange;
    public Master getMaster() {
        return master;
    public void setMaster(Master master) {
        this.master = master;


I have my HibernateCode:

 SQLQuery query = session
                    .createSQLQuery("CALL AbsentReportproc(:_fromdate,:_todate)");
            query.setParameter("_fromdate", "2012-12-03");
            query.setParameter("_todate", "2012-12-04");

            List<Object[]> obj = query.list();
            List<RecordSet> recordset = new ArrayList<RecordSet>();
            Iterator it = obj.iterator();
            while (it.hasNext()) {
                Object[] object = (Object[]);
                for (int i = 0; i < object.length; i++) {

    RecordSet set = (RecordSet) object[i];
//Here I am able to print
//edu.model.DateRange@e6f7d2 etc................



My Requirement is to display the results from both(Master and DateRange) in a jsp using JSTL Tags

Could any one How can I get final List object to iterate and display results from both pojo's

I want to display EmployeeName,Code,Dept from Master Pojo and ddate from DateRange Pojo?

when I iterate the RecordSet list then I'm not able to print the values(getting Null Pointer Exception)?

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You could do something like this:

<c:forEach var="record" items="${recordset}">
    <c:out value="${record.master.empcode}" />
    <c:out value="${record.master.empname}" />
    <c:out value="${record.master.dept}" />
    <c:out value="${record.daterange.ddate}" />


List<Object[]> obj = query.list(); 
List<RecordSet> recordset = new ArrayList<RecordSet>(); 
for (Object[] item: obj) {
    Master master = null;
    DateRange dateRange = null;
    if (item[0] instanceof Master) {
        Master master = (Master) item[0];
        DateRange dateRange = (DateRange) item[1];
    } else if (item[0] instanceof DateRange) {
        DateRange dateRange = (DateRange) item[0];
        Master master = (Master) item[1];
    RocordSet record = new RecordSet();

And the return the recordset object to the jsp.

Hope this helps.

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But when I do like you answered,I am getting null values – String Feb 7 '13 at 8:32
Could you tell me my Iteration is correct? – String Feb 7 '13 at 8:40
@Kumar What object are you returning to the jsp? – AxxA Osiris Feb 7 '13 at 8:52
I am returning recordset list obj to the jsp like you done in your answer – String Feb 7 '13 at 8:54
From what I can tell from your code, recordset is empty. You can try passing the obj list to the recordset constructor: List<RecordSet> recordset = new ArrayList<RecordSet>(obj);. Let me know if this works. – AxxA Osiris Feb 7 '13 at 8:58

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