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I am trying to register users only with email id. So when ever I enter email id and click on register then password should generate automatically and email should send to the particular email address. When he first time logins with that email id and password then we need to show the change password and security question and answer option. There is an option for auto generate password in create user wizard. For this i followed this link. But I am unable to solve the issue to show the first time login user to reset his password and set the security question and answer. Can any one give me the solution!!

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You have to keep track of that in your database. You can have bit type field in the database for example IsFirstTimeLogin and set it true for the first usage and after successful login set it to false. You can also setup a field to specify if the user required to change password. If that field is set to true then you can ask the user to change the password. You can use the required password change field for period changes to the password in future as well.

As far as auto generating the password in concerned you can use the email id as the first password, but if you want some more secure option then you can issue any randomly generated password to the user, or you can use GetHashCode for password generations. Something like:

string email = "";
string password = Math.Abs(email.GetHashCode()).ToString();

You can only try to make your password as much random as possible, You can look at this question for generating random strings.

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Auto generated password option won't give the random password which is secure? – Mihir Feb 7 '13 at 5:49
@Mihir, you can try different things for generating a random string. you can use GUID but usually the initial password is not that difficult, it totally depends on your requirement. I have edited the answer with an option to use GetHashCode for generating password, but again its not going to be random. – Habib Feb 7 '13 at 5:52
@Habib.. thanks.. i am using aspnetdb as the database. Can I add that bit value in any of the tables or it is better to create a new table with userid,useremail,isFirstTime such columns? – Mihir Feb 7 '13 at 5:54
@Mihir, I am not sure about aspnetdb, if you have access to it and you can create columns in then sure otherwise you can create your own table, whatever floats your boat :) – Habib Feb 7 '13 at 5:57
Yeah.. but experts like you should have an idea about how to implement such scenarios.. thats why asked :) – Mihir Feb 7 '13 at 5:58

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