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My HTML looks like

<li value="0">
 <a href="#">
 <span>DATA TO GET</span><![if gt IE 6]>
 </a><![endif]><!--[if lte IE 6]><table><tr><td><![endif]-->
 <li value="0">
 <a onclick="return showPane('SomePane',this)" href="#">ACTIVE NODE</a>

This html is produced using xsl. Now i want to get the data inside span tag using javascript. I tried the following:

var nameParent =  activeTab.parentNode.parentNode.previousSibling;

Here the variable activeTab is passed the anchor that contians the text ACTIVE NODE.The first alert gives proper data i.e ACTIVE NODE but the second alert says undefined.

I think i am travsring the correct path and proper elements. Can some body point out what is wrong here and what else i can do to get the required data.

Thanks in advance.

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Try this

var nameParent =  activeTab.parentNode.parentNode;

I stronly suggests use jQuery in your Project, it provides methods for easy navigation among dom elements like .find() and .children(), .parent for more readable code.


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Try using firstChild instead of childNode:

var nameParent =  activeTab.parentNode.parentNode.previousSibling;
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