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I have a website in Kohana 3.0.7 and I have purchased SSL certificate. I have marked the success page to which pay pal transaction details are returned with https. After the database is updated, I added following code -


But this page is loaded with https and not loaded properly on Google Chrome.

If I try as following, it gives me 500 error -


How can I get rid of this ? Does this mean that I'll have to ensure that all the resources loaded should be served over https ?

If yes, then I might have to change all the paths. How can I do it for HTML helpers ?

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I have not tried it but I'd say changing the base_url in your bootstrap.php could help:

    'base_url' => 'https://yoururlhere.com',
    'index_file' => FALSE,
    'charset' => 'utf-8',
    'cache_dir' => APPPATH . 'cache',
    'errors' => TRUE,
    'profile' => Kohana::$environment !== Kohana::PRODUCTION,
    'caching' => Kohana::$environment === Kohana::PRODUCTION,
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