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I am using Selenium WebDriver with NUnit. I just do not want to put all of my test cases i.e. my code in a single C# class. I want a class having driver initiation. Another class having Login test cases. Another class having Patient Form test cases. And so on.

When I use NUnit, it does not require Main method. It just call on methods on its own. How would I be able to access the driver in another class if I have created it in another class?

Will it be good performance-wise to create an object of Driver class in Login class? I think this will kill the purpose of NUnit. Any suggestions?

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The easiest way is

You can declare a Web Driver instance as a Static variable and use all over the packages. One thing keep in mind Static variable is a server side variable so nullify when you finish your execution.

Another efficient method is you can use Java Reflection API.

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Check out the PageObject model pattern used for WebDriver.
In that, you isolate your test specification code and test implementation code according to Pages. Your pageobjects are nothing but classes that represent a page/ higher-level section of your application. You initiate a WebDriver instance in the main test class and pass it's object to the PageObjects in their constructors.

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