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I have a requirement to implement websocket with a dropwizard project. However i am unable to find any document related to it. Can any one point out resources for the same.

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I've been dealing with the same problem, and thought I would like to share my solution: http://cvwjensen.wordpress.com/2014/08/02/websockets-in-dropwizard/

I use the Atmosphere framework and the solution defaults to using websockets, but can downgrade to long-polling if required.

That should be enough to get you started...

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I implemented websockets into a Dropwizard project by including CometD.

CometD includes a servlet for dealing with WS requests, and Dropwizard exposes the environment to let you register arbitrary servlets.

A small excerpt from my application (Groovy):

    environment.addServlet(new Initializer(httpClient, amqpConsumer), "/_initializer")

    environment.addServlet(AnnotationCometdServlet, "/cometd/*")
            transports: 'org.cometd.websocket.server.WebSocketTransport',
            services: EventService.getCanonicalName(),
            jsonContext: 'org.cometd.server.JacksonJSONContextServer',
            maxSessionsPerBrowser: serviceConfiguration.maxBrowserSessions.toString(),
            maxInterval: '7200',
            logLevel: "2"

An initializer servlet makes things easy, as shown in the CometD tutorials.

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I'm looking to do this too. This is the best information I've found so far:

Supposedly one of the most popular websocket frameworks out there works well with Jersey (Jersey is bundled with Dropwizard). You can find more about it here: https://github.com/Atmosphere/atmosphere

Also, someone has published a repository integrating the two of them together: https://github.com/mgutz/dropwizard-atmosphere/

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This example doesn't seem to work for long-polling? –  Aion Mar 6 at 4:08
I'm not sure; I never did get the opportunity to try it. –  Nate Mar 6 at 17:23

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