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I am trying to use this code on Windows 2000:

foreach (Process p in Process.GetProcesses())
    if (p.MainModule.FileName.EndsWith("calc.exe"))
    	using (ManagementObjectSearcher mos = 
                   new ManagementObjectSearcher(
                     "SELECT CommandLine,ExecutablePath 
                       FROM Win32_Process WHERE ProcessId=" + p.Id.ToString()))
    		using (ManagementObjectCollection moc = mos.Get())
    			foreach (ManagementObject mo in moc)

This works on Windows XP and higher, but fails on Windows 2000 with an "Invalid query" error. According to MSDN, the Win32_Process object is supported on Windows 2000 and higher, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Sorry everyone. I just realized that the "CommandLine" field is only in Windows XP and higher. Problem solved.

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