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I'm trying to parse through an mht (text) file and extract just certain lines. RegExMatch is working just fine to do that. However, inside my loop, I want to strip away EVERYTHING from those particular lines except the 7 digit string which consists of the letter "E" followed by 6 digits.

Here is my latest failed attempt. This clown clearly doesn't know much RegEx.



If RegExmatch(A_LoopReadLine,"E\d\d\d\d\d\d")
    ECode := RegExReplace(A_LoopReadLine, "^[Ed\d\d\d\d\d\d]", "")
    FileAppend, %ECode%., G:\2013.txt
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7 or 6 digits?and which language is this?you need to specify the language –  Anirudha Feb 7 '13 at 7:51

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It should be

 RegExReplace(A_LoopReadLine, "^.*(E\d{6}).*$", "$1")

\d{6} represents 6 digits..{} is a quantifier..so {n} means match preceding character n times

() represents a group..so everything which is captured within the group can be referenced through $n where n is the group no.

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Yes sir. That produced a clean list. And I learned some Regex too. Thanks! –  dwilbank Feb 7 '13 at 7:59

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