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Is it required to have sharepoint server for working with PowerView in SSRS? I have SQL Server with MSBI 2012. I am BI developer. I wanted to explore with power view. I got an addon for SSRS from microsoft portal (PivotViewer Extension for Reporting Services – CTP2). But relese notes says that it needs Share Point.

I got an other link to download (Microsoft SQL Server 2012 With Power View For Multidimensional Models CTP) this is a 2 GB file and sounds like independent of sharepoint. I am confused. Please help me in understing the working of PowerView with SSRS. Many Thnaks.

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Sharepoint server is required for Power View in SSRS. Please check this document: Power View also comes in Excel 2012 (see ). It can access data within worksheets as well as external data sources and has same visualization capabilities.

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Here is an ebook explaining all SSRS models available for SQL Server 2012, with walkthroughs

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Power View is now available through Excel 2013 Professional Plus.

You can connect to external data source or use the internal PowerPivot model.

Power View in the Excel Insert ribbon

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