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I'm trying to create vcalendar for nfc tags,but what is the correct mime type? It should be something like this



but when I try to read the tag, the prompt message is "Sorry your phone can't recognise this type of file"

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The RFC mime type is text/calendar rather than text/vcalendar, does that work?

How are you creating the file? There is a BSD-licensed iCal class library for .NET called DDay.Ical

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the phone downloaded an app - "iCalendar Import", and now its working –  See Sharp Feb 7 '13 at 10:54

The type for vCalendar seems to be text/x-vcalendar (source: original standard.)

For iCalendar (the newer format), the answer is text/calendar (source: RFC5545).

iCalendar is essentially v2.0 of the vCalendar format. If v2.0 of a format introduces a new MIME type for the new version of the format, it has never been clear to me whether the older versions of the format also get that new MIME type. The IANA registry doesn't help in clarifying things either.

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