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i have a method to populate the dropdownlist in asp.net using C#

public void get_country_box_populated(ref System.Web.UI.WebControls.DropDownList dropDown, bool add_initial_text)
        //dropDown.Items.Add(0,"Select Any Country");
        var context = new db_vmartEntities();
        var query = from c in context.tbl_countary 
                    where c.status == true
                    select new { c.countary_id ,c.countary_name};

        var dictionary = new Dictionary<int, string>();
        if (add_initial_text)
            dictionary.Add(0, "Select Any Country");
        foreach (var item in query)
            dictionary.Add(item.countary_id, item.countary_name);
        dropDown.DataTextField = "Value";
        dropDown.DataValueField = "Key";
        dropDown.DataSource = dictionary;  //Dictionary<int, string>

now i need to select a default value on edit page something like this.

store_registration my_store = str.get_store_by_id(Session["user"].ToString(), sid);
c.get_country_box_populated(ref countary_box,false);
countary_box.Text = countary_box.Items.FindByValue(my_store.countary).ToString();

but value in not set because patteren is like this


any help or guide if i can set UK in dropdownlist when mystore.country value is 6

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First of all you don't need to pass ComboBox by reference.

To select value of DataBoud ComboBox do this:

countary_box.SelectedValue = my_store.countary_id; //im not 100% sure that this is the key, so change it to equivalent of item.countary_id

And it will preselect give value.

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I assume the problem is in this line:

countary_box.Text = countary_box.Items.FindByValue(my_store.countary).ToString();

In ASP.NET you can set the SelectedValue property via the Text property of a DropDownList (like in Winforms). Note the difference, you set the value by the text property. But ListItem.ToString returns the text not the value property.

So you need this:

countary_box.Text = my_store.countary.ToString(); // if countary is the int which is used as key 

or the same using SelectedValue directly:

countary_box.SelectedValue = my_store.countary.ToString();  
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