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@past_topics = Topic.includes(:user, :event).where("event_id IS NOT NULL "cached_votes_up DESC").page(params[:page]).per(6)

That's my code.

How to add event.date < DateTime.now to this code on where condition?

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just append it :)

@past_topics = ... # your code
@past_topics = @past_topics.where('events.date < ?', DateTime.now)
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Exactly. ActiveRecord creates a query object which gets evaluated when you call an enumerator method or when you call methods like all or first. If you leave out those calls, the query won't be executed. So you cann append further method calls (order, where, etc, pp) until you called first, last, all or an enumerator. –  ckruse Feb 7 '13 at 9:01

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