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Is it equivalent ORACLE cursor parameter feature in MySQL ?

For example :-

CURSOR cursorname(paramter_name datatype) IS SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME;
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You can try the following:

CURSOR select_curs IS SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE id = @id;

set @id = 1;
OPEN  ..
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like this:

The procedure uses the var_id_res parameter to specify a particular reservation:

This procedure parameter is used to control a cursor to select only items that correspond

CREATE PROCEDURE `UpdatePriceAndVatAndDiscountForReservationItems`(
        IN var_id_res INTEGER
    ) the reservation passed by the parameter:

-- the line reserve curosr

        SELECT  id_line
        ,       id_prod
        ,       disc_bool
        ,       no_days
        FROM    line_reserve 
        WHERE   id_res = var_id_res;
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I have to pass more than one value in parameter dynamically. –  Madhav Feb 7 '13 at 9:45

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