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A while ago I read about a WPF port of Eclipse and SWT. I can't find any recent information about it.

What is the current status of the WPF port? Will it be available before E4?

Any other details about the implementation also welcome.

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the Eclipse project has a windows/wpf implementation of swt since its 3.3 version. This doesn't mean something like XAML-Support or such things. It simply provides a way to render SWT widgets with WPF instead of the win32 api.

If you're looking for something like XAML there is a project from a company called Soyatec (eFace) which provides a XAML-Implementation atop of SWT.

For the e4 1.0 Release there will also be a new technology called XWT which provides a small XML-Layer atop of SWT to allow declarative declaration of UIs. It has support for Databinding, Triggers, etc. For further informations see

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