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I am creating a VPN connection with shrew soft vpn and not connect. My computer works with windows 7 pro. This computer is within a domain controlled by a server. The server gets connection through a router zyxel P660HW-d1. Between my PC and the router is configured a firewall (IPCOP).

The data for configuration are:

Public IP address of the router: yyy.yyy.yy.yy

Crypto isamkmp key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX adress aa.aa.aaa.aaa
Ip access-list extended EmpExt 
permet ip bbb.bbb.bb.b cc.ccc.ccc.ccc
permet ip bbb.bbb.bb.b cc.ccc.ccc.ccc
permet ip host ddd.ddd.d.dd cc.ccc.ccc.ccc

crypto map servicioL2L 1166 ipsec-isakmp
description EmpExt 
set peer aa.aa.aaa.aaa
set transform-set trans1
match address EmpExt 

Autenticación: Pre-Sahred Key
Encriptación: Three key triple DES (3DES)
Algoritmo de hash: SHA/HMAC-160
Diffie-Hellman group: #2 (1024 bit)
Lifetime: 86400 seconds

Encapsulación: ESP
Algoritmo criptográfico: 3DES
Algoritmo HASH: SHA
Lifetime: 28800

I put some screenshots of the settings I have currently:










What am I doing wrong?


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I had the same problem: I got the connection working behind an IPCop firewall by disabling NAT Transversal: Go to VPN Site Configuration > Client > NAT Transversal > disable

This prevents the double NAT pitfall, done by resp. IPCop and Shrew Soft VPN.

Sorry for hijacking an old thread, but this unanswered thread wasn't useful without this answer.

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