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I've read through some of the other similar posts, but can't find a solution to my (simple?) problem.

I am building a JQuery Widget. I want to allow the user to specify which JQuery animation type must be used to show certain things.

Basically, I want to change the function that must run on the fly.

For example:

var animation = this.options.animationType;

(I know the code is incorrect, I just wanted to show the concept)

The selected animation type must then run

Any ideas, is this even possible?

Thank you, Michelle

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You can only do something like this by creating your own jQuery plugin. If it's done correctly, the user could write something like this:

var options = { animationType: "bounce" };

To create jQuery plugins with ease, you can jumpstart them using Starter or the jQuery Boilerplate. Don't forget to read the documentation on how to create plugins (loads of stuff about that can be found on Google or on SO).

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See if you want something like this:

you have created a jquery function here:

$.fn.center = function(){
   return this;

and call it like this:


$.fn.center will center the elem which calls it.

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