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Is there any trusted OCaml IDE other than Camelia ?

I would prefer an eclipse based IDE if existed.

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• Emacs

◦ ocaml-mode from the standard distribution

◦ alternative tuareg-mode

− cheat-sheet:

◦ camldebug intergration with debugger

◦ type feedback with C-c C-t key shortcut, needs .annot files

• Vim

◦ OMLet plugin

◦ For type lookup: either

− or

− also?

• Eclipse

◦ OCaml Development Tools

◦ an old plugin OcaIDE

• TypeRex

◦ currently mostly as typerex-mode for Emacs but integration with other editors will become better

◦ Auto-completion of identifiers (experimental)

◦ Browsing of identifiers: show type and comment, go to definition

◦ local and whole-program refactoring: renaming identifiers and compilation units, open elimination

• Some dedicated editors

◦ OCamlEditor

◦ ocamlbrowser inspects libraries and programs

− browsing contents of modules

− search by name and by type

− basic editing, with syntax highlighting

◦ Cameleon (older)

◦ Camelia (even older)

NEW: editor OCaml-top, with syntax highlighting, indentation, type display, work well on all systems.

NEW: Merlin, similar to TypeRex but works better with work-in-progress files, has front-ends to Vim and Emacs currently.

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Maybe you can check this topic: Looking for OCaml IDE

For eclipse based IDE you have OcaIDE

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OcaIDE was quite good when I tried it. Should be a good starting point for Eclipse-based development in OCaml. – winitzki Feb 8 '13 at 10:20
Have you compared it with ? Disclaimer: I don't use Eclipse. – lukstafi Feb 9 '13 at 14:31

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