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How do I write a rewrite rule for the following condition.

  1. I have my directory setup as /root/projectname/trunk/www/

I've setup site.local in hosts file to point to /root/

  1. How do I make this request http://site.local/projectname to grab data from /root/project_name/trunk/www/ instead of from /root/projectname/ ?

Right now I have it as RewriteRule ^projectname/*$ projectname/trunk/www/ [L] That works for just http://site.local/projectname, but others like http://site.local/projectname/images/image1.jpg doesn't work.

Please enlight.

Thank you, Tee

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I think you should write you rule like following

RewriteRule ^projectname/(*)$ projectname/trunk/www/$1 [L]

but not tested

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Ah I figured out what's cracking. Since the mapping and mapped path both contains projectname, it just keeps on rewriting. So I got to change the name to something else and it works.

Thanks, Tee

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