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I'm currently working on a fairly complicated chart for a report with HighCharts.

The data that is given to the graph changes depending on various filters that are given to the report. For example, a user can specify that they want to look at the report for a specific day, week or month, from there they can also control the graph to show either a year overview or an overview of whatever period they're looking at.

The problem I'm encountering is with the labels on the x axis. As another example; if a user is looking at the year overview on the week time period there shall be 53 points of data on the graph, however this is labelled by month. I need this to be labelled by week number in steps of 2, just the number is fine.

I have already found the date formatter for week numbers and uncommented it in highcharts.src.js. So I just need a way to specific a date format to use i.e. day, week, month etc.

The only thing I've been able to find of any use so far (that hasn't done anything) is this section on the x axis part of the API:

    second: '%H:%M:%S',
    minute: '%H:%M',
    hour: '%H:%M',
    day: '%e. %b',
    week: '%e. %b', // This one here, how do I specify when to use this?
    month: '%b \'%y',
    year: '%Y'
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If you need your custom filter, then you can use setExtremes() function

To define labels you can use formatter()

But I assume that you mean about ticks which should be positioned dinamically i.e by tickPositioner()

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