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i created a project in eclipse by enabling jrebel remoting and given deployment URL as

and i deployed the war file in weblogic10 sever before i successfully got output

i did some chnages in my ecllipse IDE by clicking on synchronize

it is giving below error... instead of commiting...

JRebel Remoting did not respond. The server is up, but is JRebel Remoting enabled?

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From zeroturnaround http/https ports are used for remoting. If you open the address in your browser, do you get response? Is your server configured to use JRebel remoting? Are you using the latest version 5.1.0 of JRebel in your server? und.com/forums/topic/jrebel-remoting-server-not-responding/

I think You have to Update JRebel from Help (Menu) >> Check for Updates

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You actually have to enable remoting feature explicitly with -Drebel.remoting_plugin=true

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WebLogic should be started from command line.
Javaagent must be specified -javaagent:%REBEL_HOME%\jrebel.jar


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