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i'm going to rewrite all my tests project, by replacing Selenium by HtmlUnit because i'm not able to get plain text in selenium as i can do with htmlunit using "HtmlPage:asText" method. Getting plain text can help me to verify easily the content of a page, without paying attention of the presence or not of the tags.

For example a plain text like this " One, two three" may correspond to many html source:

<p>One, two three</p> 

or <table> <tr><td>One1</td><td>two</td><td>three</td> </tr></table> or <div><span>One, </span> <span>two, </span> <span>three, </span> </div>

By using HtmlUnit i can write functional test without paying attention of how the actual content will be represented in the html format.

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This will give you only plain text in page

String pageSource=driver.findElement(By.tagName("body")).getText();

Below logic will gives you entire page source.

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