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First: I try to remake a Website called regionalkarten.com It's a German publisher of Maps. This page uses the Google API v2 to show our custom maps.

My Job is to update the Page to API v3. Now I found the jQuery GoMap Plugin and I try to use it, but it doesn't seem to support custom maps.

I tried to define a Overly with the custom Map

var ehsTypeBOptions =
    getTileUrl: function(coord, zoom)
        var x = coord.x;
        var y = coord.y;
        return "http://regionalkarten.com/_map/ehs_village_maps/is_maps/z"+zoom+"/"+coord.y+"/"+coord.x+".png";
    tileSize: new google.maps.Size(256, 256),

and load it into the map with:

map.overlayMapTypes.insertAt(0, new google.maps.ImageMapType(ehsTypeBOptions));

That works fine without GoMap. So I tried:

$.goMap.overlayMapTypes.insertAt(0, new google.maps.ImageMapType(ehsTypeBOptions));

and guess what, it didn't work :(

GoMaps Webpage and Google aren't very helpful. Keep in mind that I have to load the custom map into an overlay. I need the real google maps behind the overlay because our maps are not gapless. I hope you got some ideas or experience with GoMap.

Thank you.

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$.goMap does not return the native google.maps.Map-instance, so you can't use the Maps-API-methods there.

The google.maps.Map-instance may be accessed via $.goMap.map .

Beyond that: I would suggest not to use this library, there haven't been any updates since 1 year, and this all can be done without any additional library.

More important: before you continue working with ImageMapType, this is not the right MapType for you, because it appears that the TileServer don't serve tiles for the complete world.

When the user pans or zooms so that a area is in viewport where no tile is available, this area would be shown as a gray space. You better use a Overlay MapType and set the background-image of the overlays to the TileUrl(additionally you may use a condition that checks if a Tile is available at all to reduce unnecessary request to the tile-server)

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I thought I could spare me some work with this plug. Thanks for the Tip with the Overlay. Lets see how i get this working. –  dorr Baume Feb 8 '13 at 9:24

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