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I have a table that has 97 columns, I want to sum 96 columns.

select sum(col1+col2+col3+.....+col96) 
from tableA where meter_id=x;

I do not want to give all 96 column names, what is the best way to do it? Regards, RR

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There is no way to avoid writing each column name. All you can do is curse the stupid data modeller and get busy with cut'n'paste.

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In the case where there are a significant number of columns, I would look at using the data dictionary tables to help create the query by using a query like the one below:

Select column_name || '+' as column_name_list
From user_tab_columns
Where table_name = 'TABLEA'
Order by column_id

It doesn't change the world but does simplify writing one query.

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You could create a virtual column that adds up your 96 columns, something like:

alter table TABLEA add (MY_TOTAL_COL NUMBER GENERATED ALWAYS AS (col1+col2+col3...) VIRTUAL);

Then your query can simply do sum(my_total_col).

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