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I have a collection view with cells with different sizes. These cells shall be populated with images which are downloaded. That the images in the cells looks nice, I want to ensure that the images are big enough (in terms of width x height for the cell).

My process to do that, looks kind of ugly and I wanted to ask if there is a smarter way?

Basically I do the following:

  • The size of the cells are stored in a array, e.g. ArrayCellSizes with CGSize.
  • I fetch the images from the web and store it in an dictonary, e.g. DictWithImages.
  • Now I iterate through the DictWithImages with a for-loop, extract the height and compare it against the the height of the current cell, which i get from ArrayCellSizes. The width of the image is in 99% of the cases greater then the width of the cell, no need to check.
  • If I find an image which is greater in height, it will be selected for the current cell and the entry of the DictWithImages is removed, to ensure that the image is not selected a second time.

This looks a kind of ugly for me. It as well has the theoretically issue, that sometimes no perfect image will be found for the cell, then I have to set a image with smaller width to the cell.

Edit: Looks like NSFetchedResultsController could be an answer. Have to dig into it.

Cheers -- jerik

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NSFetchedResultsController is used with Core Data. Since you didn't mention you are using it, I assume you are not. In that case, it will not help you. --- Your approach seems OK to me. Is it slow or something? – iMartin Feb 7 '13 at 22:27
At the time writing I did not now that this exists. Now it seems to be the way to go. – jerik Feb 11 '13 at 19:19

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