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If i have a schema in mongoose looking like this (an example):

Meta = new Schema
  datahash: String,
  data: Schema.Types.Mixed

This is all good. I can query Meta.datahash and get the value back etc. But if i query Meta.OtherProp, then i will get an error, as the property does not exisit in the model.

In PHP you have magic methods (getters/setters) that can handle this.

Is there any way to do this in Mongoose (or NodeJS). Examples are very welcome :)


EDIT: Lets say that data is an object like this:


Now - is there any way that i can query directly into this like


and then get "somevalue" returned?

And is there again a way to avoid js error of i query


as the property does not exist?

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Is the error a JS error or a Mongoose error ? –  Floby Feb 7 '13 at 12:42
With data declared as Schema.Types.Mixed you should be able to query against any field within it without having to declare it in the schema. –  JohnnyHK Feb 7 '13 at 13:19
What i needed was [] instead of dot notation and default value in mongoose. –  sunebrodersen Feb 8 '13 at 9:47

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I haven't used Mongoose. But here are some patterns that you can use to set defaults in both synchronous and asynchronous cases.

var  DATA={ 56:'somevalue',  77:'Othervalue' };

// SYNC: from JS object
function getPropOrDefault(prop){
  var val = DATA[String(prop)];
  var ret = (val !== undefined ? DATA[String(prop)] : 'default');
  return ret;

// ASYNC: from mongoose
function getFromMongoose(key,fn){
//or something. idk how u query mongoose
    var val = DATA[String(key)];
    if(val === undefined) { fn(new Error('no_property')) }
    else{ fn(null, val) };

function getMongoosePropOrDefault(prop, callback){
  getFromMongoose(prop, function(err, result){
      callback(err, 'default');
    } else {
      callback(null, result);

(function main(){
  console.log('DATA[77]: '+getPropOrDefault(77) );
  console.log('DATA[99]: '+getPropOrDefault(99) );
  getMongoosePropOrDefault(77, function(err, result){
    console.log('mongoose.data.77: '+result);
  getMongoosePropOrDefault(99, function(err, result){
    console.log('mongoose.data.99: '+result);
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Thanks for the replies.

It turns out that if i just set a default value for Meta.data, then i can query non existing properties in the data using the square brackets [] instead of dot notation:


This solves my issue, which was actually related more to js than node or mongoose. Of course this does not work when query sub properties like:


unless 88 does exist. But again - thats just javascript...

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