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has anyone been able to download the spring framework 3.0.0.M4 release from the spring source site... (or can you provide an alternative download page)?


am I missing something..., the site is giving me the runaround...

when i get to the "Spring Community Downloads" page and choose spring from the LHS menu... I get no download link...

ta in advance...

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If you are using maven, add this to your <repositories> in your pom.xml:

  <name>Spring Portfolio Milestone Repository</name>

and declare your spring dependency like this:


For others artifcats, use the Spring Maven artifact URL for browsing.

More on Spring's maven repositories in this article.

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The repository answer is probably the best answer, but if you want to just build it yourself here are some steps to do that.


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Depending on what you need, you can use maven central or spring EBR. The above link compares the repositories, and also explains how to get milestone, release, as well as snapshot of springframework.

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Here is what he is asking for, there are many Spring external jars that are needed, for example of an import he maybe using:

    import org.springframework.stereotype.Controller;
    import org.springframework.ui.Model;

Some Jars that might be needed are:
...and over 20 more, where does one download these?

searching individually, here is one location:


Here is another location you may wish to use: http://ebr.springsource.com/repository/app/library/version/detail?name=org.springframework.spring&version=3.2.3.RELEASE&searchType=librariesBySymbolicName&searchQuery=org.springframework

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