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I´m trying to insert data into diferent tabels with php, but dosent get it to work.

Heres my db structure: 1

Table: event
Structure:  FromDate | ToDate | locationID

Heres my db structure: 2

Table: jointable
Structure:  EventID | locationID

The thing i want to do more specific, i have inputs for "Fromdate" and "todate" and "locationid". I want to input fromdate and todate into table1, and locaionid to table2

Here is my sql query:

mysql_query("INSERT INTO event (FromDate, ToDate, locationID)

VALUES ('$_POST[startdate]','$_POST[enddate]','$_POST[locationID)");

Any idea how i can "sort out" locationID to input it on my jointable instead?

Excuse for my bad enlish, i hope you understand what im trying to do.

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means, you want to add locationID in both tables. Right? –  Bhavik Shah Feb 7 '13 at 11:15
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Try this:

mysql_query("INSERT INTO `events` VALUES('".$_POST["startdate"]."','".$_POST["enddate"]."','".$_POST["locationID"]."')");

Call another query for inserting into other table:

mysql_query("INSERT INTO `jointable` VALUES('','".$_POST["locationID"]."')");
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Thanks! That solved my problem. –  Marcus Feb 7 '13 at 16:36
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Write 2 different queries

Something Like This :

$startDate = $_POST[start_date];
$endDate = $_POST[to_date]
$locationId = $_POST[location_id];
mysql_query("INSERT INTO event VALUES ('$startDate','$endDate','$locationId");

mysql_query("INSERT INTO jointable VALUES ('','$locationId')");

Note : mysqL_* functions are being depreciated . Avoid the,

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