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Just started up Visual Studio 2012 and opened my solution which is in source control with Team Foundation Server 2012 Express and encountered this, any ideas? Can't get latest, can't check in, everything appears checked out :( Basically my workspace is unusable right now.

TF400018: The local version table for the local workspace MY-PC;My User could not be opened. The workspace version table contains an unknown schema version.

There is only one post I could find on the net, and the answers are pretty vague.

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I had the same issue, and I just fixed it on mine.
If you don't mind re-map all your projects, you can try follow:

  • Click the box in "Workspace".
  • Click on "Workspaces".
  • Delete the workspace profile you're currently using
  • Re-connect to TFS open "Source Control"

Be aware that you may lose all your TFS mappings, you may need to re-map all your projects from TFS. Backup your changes that not checked in yet.

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Visual Studio hung when I tried to do this, but amazingly after I killed it from task manager and restarted, the workspace (which was still there) started working correctly again. –  John Sibly Jan 15 at 13:35
Worked for me! Made a backup of my workspaces (simple zip file) and tried this solution. After re-mapping the projects to exact same folders as before and retrieving the files from TFS, TFS asked to overwrite the local files which where changed compared to the files in TFS. Choose "Keep local files" and all is working correctly again. (With your local changes) –  pkmelee337 Apr 3 at 9:19

There is simple workaround. Remove local mapping to folder where is the sources (Advanced -> Remove Mapping, or just rename or delete mapped folder. After that you will be able to connect to tfs. Download the project again.

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Try to clear TFS cache, see the following link for how to do that:

Why and how to clear TFS client cache?

If this couldn't help you, try to access your PC with another use and re-produce the steps.

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